Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Brainstorming: Critical Paper

Movies: Alice by Svankmajer and Pan's Labrynth by Del Toro

Concept: the uncanny and surrealism

Something homely and familiar may become foreign and sinister in a different context/environment. The idea of a work of art invoking a reaction of shock.

Alice: inaniment objects coming to life, Alice always dirty (definition of disgusting: an object displaced from its natural environment) - have source and better definiton in other notebook.
noises, little girl speaking for everyone, violence in child and bunny stuffed animal.

Pan's Labrynth: mythical creatures, inhumane people and creatures, violence in children's story, death to child

Branches off to another issue...
Can a child be something uncanny? When a child is displaced into a scary movie, yes. Is it even that scary with out a child? Still scary, but the child creates an eerier tone. (can also be seen with any female rather than an adult male...the vulnerable vs strong/masculine roles)

Why is this?
A child is viewed as something innocent and when put in a corrupted environment it brings out a reaction in people.
----> William Wordsworth
----> "Little, Violent, White: The Bad Seed and the Matter of Children"

The idea of the tainted child...
- third world countries
- shootings at school

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